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This page is for handling issues with the LSB 3.2 published specification, currently in beta. Please add your issue to the list. Add bug links where their are bugs files, and add solutions as they come up, rather than deleting solved issues.

Invalid Title of Trial Use Bookset

The Trial Use Bookset title reads: "Linux Standard Base Languages Specification 3.2beta".

Comment: This was a problem in the build file. Done

Inconsistent Titles of Beta Specifications

  • Linux Standard Base Core Specification 3.2
  • Linux Standard Base C++ Specification 3.2
  • Linux Standard Base Desktop Specification 3.2beta
  • Linux Standard Base Languages Specification 3.2beta
  • LSB Printing Specification
  • Linux Standard Base Trial Use Specification 3.2beta

I would expect to see "Linux Standard Base XXX Specification 3.2beta" in all of them.

Comment: printing spec fixed up - name and version. 3.2 vs. 3.2beta was due to something discovered late in the series of builds - will be addressed in next spin. Book builds generate a new buildversion file from material in the specification (behavior depends on type of build), hand-setting the version doesn't "take". Unfortunately you can't just set the lsbversion files in the spec to the right value when doing a build with a suffix (beta, rc1, etc.) - see bug 1855. This is really a question of "documenting the procedure for the spec builder" atm, but we'll improve it.

Standard Library Names Table in Desktop Specification

Table 3-1. Standard Library Names looks unpleasant in both generic and arch-specific specifications.

Comment: The table has different width of columns in different rows because it is implemented as a set of independent tables while logically it is the single table. The problem is tracked as Bug 1869. A single table is now built - Done

Alien Fragment in Relevant Libraries Section of LSB Core

3.1. Relevant Libraries section of the LSB Core contains the text 'define(TBLTARGET,"tbl-glsb-stdlib")', which is not we want to see here. The problem is common for generic and arch-specific parts.

Comment: interesting. These are m4 instructions from the lowest level of source, instead of being expanded they have been passed through. Someone made a change to use renamed builtins (m4 -P) because we had trouble with the "include" directive, these are now all "m4_include". It looks like the "define" directives were not updated at the same time. This is tracked as [http://bugs.linuxbase.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1873 bug 1873]. Done

Inappropriate Copyright Page in some books

Some of the books credit copyright holders who do not appear to own any material in particular books; others are not credited.

Comment: book builds use a generic copyright page now. We either need to expand what's on the page, or use separate pages for separate books (New printing, perl, python may have holder who should be credited). This is tracked as two bugs, [http://bugs.linuxbase.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1854 bug 1854] for the 3.2 publication, which adds additional holders (Done); and bug 1885 which tracks a more comprehensive solution of creating individualized pages (later).

Default LibGroup tag should not appear

In LSB-Desktop-generic there are references to "Default LibGroup for ...", which are not intended to appear in the specification. Replace with some other text. bug 1908. Fixed in 3.2 errata

Typo in File Naming Conventions

Section 16.2.1 has a typo "implemetnations". Fixed in 3.2

A lengthier comment on lsb-discuss complains that this section conflicts with existing practice in the area of initscripts.

Typo in Definitions

Chapter 4, "cannot" has the incorrect spelling "possibilty". Fixed in 3.2