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Over time, Linux distributions evolve, and so do common practices. Also, issues come up where someone might ask "wouldn't it be nice if we could have a common place for hashing this out / specifying". This page is intended as a repository for such issues. Please add your own issues below. Progressing these usually means writing up a feature proposal for the wiki, and capturing the essence in a bugzilla entry.

  • Transition to systemd creates some issues with LSB-style initscripts, at least if the transitional mode is not selected.
  • Possible elimination of files in /bin, etc. (FHS issue)
  • Both Debian and Fedora install debug versions of libraries in the same place. For example, the debug version of libfoo is usually stored somewhere like /usr/lib/debug/usr/lib/libfoo.so. It might be useful to have an LSB spec that would build on this. This might be an FHS issue.
  • The GNU guideline for libexec has come up in FHS discussions. Some distributions have a /usr/libexec tree, whereas other distributions put its files under /usr/lib. The rationales are not well documented. Perhaps the LSB should define one scheme or the other as standard, and define something equivalent for add-ons under /opt.
  • There should be a spec for multiple-architecture support on one machine, at least with respect to packaging. For example, what if both 32-bit and 64-bit libraries are needed on an x86_64 system, and those packages have common files? On Red Hat and Fedora, it's possible to have the same file in two packages; this is called "file colors".