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About Carrier Grade Linux (CGL)

The CGL workgroup has two main functions. First, interface with network equipment providers and carriers to gather requirements and produce specifications that Linux distribution vendors can implement. Second, to take unimplemented requirements and foster development projects that will meet these requirements and assist in their upstream integration.

The Linux Community (upstream)

Documentation Strategy

Requirements Gathering


Requirements and Registration

The 4.0 requirements are all published as PDF documents in the Carrier Grade Linux Specifications section. The active requirements being developed for post-4.0 specifications can be found in Working Documents.


Pre-4.0 CGL Specifications


CGL 4.0 Registration

As of Friday, June 29, 2007 it is possible for Linux vendors to register their products for compliance with Version 4.0 of the Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) Requirements Definition Documents. Linux vendors wishing to register should download the registration template (ots format) and fill out the template based on the CGL Registration Process (pdf). Vendors will post their registration results on the Registration Wiki.

In The Press

Telecoms networks - Carrier Grade Linux comes of age

The working group used the CGL 4.0 requirements as a starting point and split them into requirements that already exist in some mature open source project and requirements that do no[t] exist today.

The COTS Ecosystem--Strength in numbers

Individually, the Linux Foundation Carrier Grade Linux Work Group is working on the next version of our specification. The goal this time around is to create a specification that will lead, over a reasonable amount of time, to actual code.

--Dan Cauchy, Chairman of Carrier Grade Linux Workgroup

Working Documents

The documents in this section are actively in development and represent the current state of the CGL requirements with feedback from the Linux Foundation members and other interested groups. They are not intended to be used for registration but are the evolving next version of the CGL specification.

Carrier Grade Linux Specifications

Mailing Lists

Conference Calls

Carrier Grade Linux conference calls are announced on the lf_carrier mailing list. For conference call information join the mailing list for next scheduled call.


  • The CGL Workgroup is currently meeting in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The next face-to-face meeting is tentatively scheduled for January 21-22, 2009. Details TBD.