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AT-SPI2 1.91.0 Released

release date: 2010-10-05
author: Mike Gorse, Novell

What is AT-SPI2 1.91.0?

AT-SPI2 is a D-Bus based accessibility framework. It defines a D-Bus protocol for providing and accessing application accessibility information. The project includes a library for bridging the D-Bus protocol to the ATK API, allowing Gtk based applications to be made accessible. It also contains a client (AT) side library in Python.

AT-SPI2 1.91.0 is now available for download at:

AT-SPI2 1.91.0 Release Notes

A list of work required before the full release can be found at:

What's changed in AT-SPI2 1.91.0


  • --disable-relocate is the default again, so configuring with no options will install at-spi2 into the standard paths.


  • Added a "soft cache" to try to avoid repeatedly querying an accessible for information if we did not receive an AccessibleAdded signal for it.

How can I contribute to AT-SPI2?

We are actively seeking contributors to help us make this the standard a11y framework for Gnome. We need help testing with Gnome accessibility technologies, improving performance, and generally tying up loose ends. The AT-SPI To Do document, refered-to above contains a list of known issues that should be fixed.

To participate in AT-SPI2 developement, you can:

Development repositories for AT-SPI2 can be found at: