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Open A11y Working Group Conference Call (24 March 2009)

Preliminary Items


For Reference

Approval of Past Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Topic 1:

Topic 2:

Topic 3: AT-SPI over DBus Update

For Reference:

Topic 4: Website Update

Linux Foundation's New Content Management System (CMS) Interface

  • David Ames' announcement of the new content management system
    • GJR notes and caveats:
      • WARNING: You will receive an invalid site certificate error when you attempt to access the beta version of the Linux Foundation's new CMS because the certificate is for and not
      • there is a "Skip to Navigation" link, but not a "Skip to Main Conents" link
      • there are some un-alt-texted graphics on the LF's portal page
      • the back-end needs XHTML Roles and ARIA markup to increase accessibility and put the LF site on the cutting edge of what assistive technologies can do with landmarks, roles and ARIA
        • Status: in progress

New Business

Identify Topics for the 31 March 2009 Teleconference

Wrap Up

Summary of New Action Items

Summary of Continued Action Items

Summary of Resolutions