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Open A11y Working Group Conference Call (10 February 2009)

Note: These minutes have not yet been finalized.

Preliminary Items


  • Janina Sajka (JS/chair)
    • Andrés G. Aragoneses (AA/Novell)
    • Stew Benedict (SB)
    • Pete Brunet (PB)
    • Brad Taylor (BT) (Novell)
    • Gregory J. Rosmaita (GJR/scribe)
    • Will Walker (WW)
      • regrets: none logged

For Reference

Approval of Past Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Note: These minutes have not yet been finalized.

Topic 1: Update From the Chair

JS: quick status on relicensing and AIA issues -- being discussed with Karen Copenhaver -- have meeting scheduled for tomorrow (11 February 2009) and Karen should be on that call; need to contact Sun Microsystems to see if can relicense IAccessible2; KarenC has been ill recently, hence the delay; will ping her again

JS: migration to new web framework - Gregory?

scribe's note: at this point, Willie Walker (WW) joined the telecon; discussion of the Linux Foundation's new beta version of it's Content Mangement System (CMS) can be found under the "Web Updates" heading.

Topic 2: Grant Funding Proposal for Face-to-Face Meeting

JS: quick status on funding grant proposal: I do not have a draft ready to share; have made progress on it, and hope to have it to group in advance of next weeks' Open A11y meeting -- hopefully will be able to post to the main list on Friday

JS: travel funding proposal's intent is to get as many people as necessary to GUADEC/Akademy2009, where Open A11y plans on holding a face to face meeting, as discussed in prior meetings

Topic 3: SIG Updates

JS: anything to report or discuss on the AT-SPI front?

WW: need to figure out what Mark's plan is -- my understanding is he will stop work on a full AT-SPI port and focus on accessibility implementation framework; need to coordinate completion or implementation of AT-SPI so there is no lag or fall-off in the momentum we are attempting to build

JS: my concern is need to find someone to step into Mark's shoes; then the question becomes, "how to fund?", but that is a another question for another time;

WW: while Mark is still there, it would be good to have an overlap between AT-SPI maintainers

WW: started ball rolling and turning, but reached end of resources, so appreciate any suggestions

JS: will send that email to Mark

ACTION: JS - email Mark Doffman about transitioning work on AT-SPI to a third party

scribe's note: Will Walker clarified the situation with regards to AT-SPI maintenance in a post to the list on 2009-02-11

Topic 4: Website Update

Linux Foundation Site Redesign

Linux Foundation's New Content Management System (CMS) Interface

  • David Ames' announcement of the new content management system
    • GJR notes and caveats:
      • WARNING: You will receive an invalid site certificate error when you attempt to access the beta version of the Linux Foundation's new CMS because the certificate is for and not
      • there is a "Skip to Navigation" link, but not a "Skip to Main Conents" link
      • there are some un-alt-texted graphics on the LF's portal page
      • the back-end needs XHTML Roles and ARIA markup to increase accessibility and put the LF site on the cutting edge of what assistive technologies can do with landmarks, roles and ARIA
  • Open Accessibility's portal front page beta

Discussion of the Beta CMS

WW: is the beta ARIA-enabled? support for XHTML Role Module?

GJR: not yet; coordinating with LF's IT team as we speak via IRC

ACTION: GJR - work with LF's IT team to ARIA-enable and adding role support to beta CMS drupal backend

GJR: will use my account to mount mock-ups and drafts; please let me know what you think of the new interface as it currently is or email the directly to report any problems -- if you do report a problem directly to the, please be sure to carbon-copy the accessibility list.

WW: asked about Role support because not widely supported, but then that is the problem: it's a chicken and egg question

GJR: and Open A11y and the LF are the perfect real-life incubator

ACTION: GJR - send info about Role Module to list

JS: another bit of pertinent news: a task force is being formed between PF/WAI and the HTML Working Group being formed to ensure that ARIA integrated in and integratable into HTML5; chair will probably Cynthia Shelly of Microsoft; editor not yet made official

New Business

Identify Topics for the 17 February 2009 Teleconference

  • Discussion of Janina's Grant Proposal
  • IPR Issues Update

Wrap Up

Summary of New Action Items

  • ACTION: GJR - work with LF's IT team to ARIA-enable and adding role support to beta CMS drupal backend
  • ACTION: GJR - send info about XHTML Role Module to list
  • ACTION: JS - email Mark Doffman about transitioning work on AT-SPI to a third party</p></html>

Summary of Continued Action Items

Summary of Resolutions