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Open A11y Working Group Conference Call (12 February 2008)


  • Janina Sajka (JS/chair)
    • Pete Brunet (PB)
    • Earl Johnson (EJ)
    • Gregory J. Rosmaita (GJR/scribe)
    • Gunnar Schmi-DT (GS)
    • Willie Walker (WW)
      • regrets: Bill Haneman

For Reference

Preliminary Items

Approval of Past Minutes

Action Items Status Review

  • Action Items Assigned at the 2008-02-05 Open A11y Conference Call
    • none logged
  • Continued Action Items
    • GJR: explore ODF request on calendaring
      • status: research in progress; wiki page in preparation for documenting investigation

Resolutions Reached at the 2008-02-05 Open A11y Conference Call

  1. The Open A11y Workgroup officially approved Unified Use Cases for Expert Handlers, version 1.0 as a finalized document.
  2. The Open A11y Workgroup authorized the Expert Handlers SIG to move forward with drafting requirements and specifications.

Meeting Minutes

Note: The scheduled single topic for this meeting, AT-SPI on D-Bus and the Collection Interface has been pushed to a future date, due to the inability of several key actors to attend the 12 February 2008 meeting.

Topic 1: Open A11y at CSUN2008

CSUN2008 Presentations

Topic 2: SIG Updates

Topic 3: Website Update

New Resource (in development)

New Business

Identify Topics for the 4 March 2008 Teleconference

For Reference:

  • upcoming meetings
    • there will be no Open A11y meeting on 19 February 2008
    • there will be no Open A11y meeting on 26 February 2008
    • the next Open A11y call will be held on Tuesday, 4 March 2008, at 1900h UTC

Wrap Up

Summary of New Action Items

Summary of Continued Action Items

Summary of Resolutions