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IAccessible2 SIG Conference Call Minutes 2009/03/03

  1. Regrets: none
  2. Attendees: Andres Gonzalez, Pete Brunet, Mick Curran, Jamie Teh, Janina Sajka, Marco Zehe
  3. Prior meeting minutes - approved
  4. Relicensing to BSD
    • The LF lead attorney, Karen Copenhaver will contact Sun. Janina is trolling the minutes to see who has contributed in order to send a letter requesting changing the license. Janina is waiting for Karen to send the language to be used.
  5. LF and Microsoft interop
    • The LF attorneys don't think there is a good basis for interop. The AIA is fairly closed compared to the LF. Those who are active in the AIA would have to be careful about what they discuss in LF meetings which are fully open.
  6. Firefox - Marco Zehe
  7. Word boundary fetches
    • The definition for IA2TextBoundaryType is currently, "Range is from start of one word to the start of another word." The following replacement was approved, "The range provided matches the range observed when the application processes the Ctrl + left arrow and Ctrl + right arrow key sequences. Typically this is from the start of one word to the start of the next, but various applications are inconsistent in the handling of the end of a line."
  8. QS/QI
    • Andres informed us that you can use QI even when there are two objects. The reason for using QS from an IAccesible is due to MSAA's implementation on Windows and not something inherent in the COM architecture. MSAA always gives you a proxy which requires using QS to get to non-MSAA interfaces. A client will have to QS to IA2 but then QI can be used for all the other IA2 interfaces even if they are imoplemented on a separate obect. The proposed text for QS/QI will be updated to take this into consideration.

The remaining questions about QS/QI and agenda items 11 - 16 will be covered during the next meeting on March 24.