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IAccessible2 SIG Conference Call Minutes 2009/01/20

  1. Regrets: none
  2. Attendees: Andres Gonzalez, Pete Brunet, Mick Curran, Jamie Teh, Mike Squillace
  3. Prior meeting minutes - approved
  4. AccProbe
    • Will keep it in Eclipse, rather than moving it to the LF.
    • 0.4.3 in progress; working on caret tracking; targeting end of February
    • Mike will present AccProbe at EclipseCon in March
  5. Eclipse
    • JT: Eclipse already supports ATK and Mac and MSAA so IA2 should be supported as an integral part of Eclipse like the other support. We want support for IAccessibleText
    • MS: I want support for IAText, IATable, and StyledText
  6. Firefox
    • Work is being done on text attributes, QueryService, and a caret offset bug
  7. IA2 as a LF standard
    • Need to clearly communicate what is happening if v1.0.2 is tweaked, even if it is just an update to the commentary.
    • The LF BoD has not yet addressed the spec which was sent to the BoD by the parent Open A11y group.
    • Since our submission to the BoD there has been a request from Microsoft to add trademark attribution.
    • There are some things that we can include in the set of changes that would update 1.0.2
      1. The trademark attribution
      2. QS/QI
        • QS between IAccessible and any of the IA2 interfaces; QS between IAApplication and any of the other IA2 interfaces; QI between any of the IA2 interfaces (except IAApplication).
        • Use the following Service IDs on QS, IID_IAccessible for IAccessible, IID_IAccessible2 for the IA2 interfaces (except IAApplication), and IID_IAccessibleApplication for IAApplication.
        • This use of QS/QI was agreed to during the meeting.
      3. IAText::caretOffset
        • Document the case of text represented as a hierarchy of text objects. (This is common in Firefox.)
        • The text in the agenda was approved during the meeting but it was requested that the changes be published so the text can be viewed in its full context.
      4. Document that the flows from/to relation is helpful to tie text and non-text document objects together.
        • Post meeting question (posted to the list): Why is this helpful in OpenOffice and Symphony, but not an issue for Firefox?
      5. Add note deprecating EditBar. (It was agreed that this role can be deprecated.)
    • Pete needs to publish the new IDL so the review will be easier.
  8. Word based boundary fetches
    • There have been some off list discussions suggesting that word based fetches from IAText::textAt/Before/AfterOffset should be changed so that the app returns the same thing as when Ctrl left/right arrow is used.
    • It was felt this is OK as long as the Ctrl left/right isn't overridden to do something other than navigate between words, such as navigating between cells in a spreadsheet.
  9. Qt
    • There wasn't a strong desire to continue to discuss IA2 in Win Qt. It will be dropped from the agenda, but can be added upon request.