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IAccessible2 SIG Conference Call Minutes 2008/12/16

  1. Regrets: Mike Squillace
  2. Attendees: Pete Brunet, Mick Curran, Jamie Teh, Janina Sajka
  3. Prior meeting minutes - approved
  4. Report from Janina, Open A11y chair
    • There haven't been any recent meetings between LF and Microsoft attorneys.
    • There have been some talks about possibly relicensing from LGPL to BSD or GFDL. Sun, IBM, and the IA2 community would have to be consulted regarding who contributed to IA2.
    • There is uncertainty about legal issues (copyrights, patents) related to Microsoft's UIA Community Promise and how it might impact any LF work or any AIA/LF interop work.
  5. Text attributes
    • There has been some discussions in another workgroup regarding an object attribute to differentiate between autocompleting text in a text field vs combo box lists that are generated based on the amount of text typed in. There is also a autocompletion state. Mick suggested they should use a controller relation in the case of a list and that autocompletion wasn't a good fit for the case of a combo box, i.e. the text field isn't autocompleting but it's controlling the contents of a related list. Also with a relation you could find the list but you couldn't via an object attribute.
    • Post submission comment from Jamie: I'd probably rather not refer to the list autocomplete style (the one that Mick suggested controller should be used for) as working with a combo box. Autocomplete fields are sometimes edit fields which bring up a list of possible completions and that might be seen as a combo box. A better example of the list case is where the list/tree is actually quite separate from the edit field.
  6. QueryService and QueryInterface
    • Approval of the following: Use QS from IA to IA2, from IA2 to IA, and from IA2 to IAApp. Use QI between the IA2 set of interfaces (except IAApp).
    • Also updated related text in issue 176.
  7. Removing trailing whitespace from IAText::textAtOffset.
    • If this is done textBefore/AfterOffset need to be return meaningful and consistent results, e.g. they still need to move to the previous/next word.
  8. Next meeting - Jan 20.