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IAccessible2 SIG Conference Call Minutes 2008/11/11

  1. Regrets: Marco Zehe
  2. Attendees: Pete Brunet, Mick Curran, Jamie Teh, Mike Squillace, Janina Sajka
  3. Prior meeting minutes - approved
  4. Report from Janina, Open A11y chair
    • The conversations with MS attorneys continues regarding interop between the LF and the AIA. Progress has been made but at least one more meeting is necessary and will be held on Wednesday, Nov 12.
  5. CSUN
    • The IA2 community would like to see work done on a new unified (not merged) API that includes the functionality of MSAA/IA2, UIA, ATK/AT-SPI, and Apple's UA (Universal Access, provided by their NSAccessibility API). Refer to the recent mail thread starting with this post.
    • The AIA, LF legal discussions probably need to complete first.
  6. AccProbe inspect tool - Mike Squillace
    • v0.4.2 is probably the last release for this year.
    • If Eclipse rejects AccProbe it was felt that it makes sense to move it into the Open A11y group.
  7. Text attributes
    • Although we thought IA2 and Firefox were in sync there appears there could be some mismatch, at least based on updated documentation on the Mozilla site. Pete will investigate.
    • For font-size Firefox is returning px but the spec says pt. It was agreed that a limitation to pt might not be a good idea, i.e. pt makes sense for word processors but px is more likely in browsers.
    • For font-weight the Mozilla specs include bolder, lighter, and inherit, but there was consensus that those don't make sense in the IA2 text attributes spec.
  8. Directory of Software on IA2 main page
    • Mick and Jamie felt Qt should enable their Win support. Janina to follow up with her recent contact at Nokia and Mick and/or Jamie to see if they can submit a request for this to be added. A product called VirtualBox uses Qt.
  9. IARevisionText
    • Pete got some late input from Sun and will report on that next week.