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IAccessible2 SIG Conference Call Minutes 2008/08/26

  1. Regrets: Mike Squillace
  2. Attendees: Pete Brunet, Mick Curran, Jamie Teh, Marco Zehe
  3. Minutes approved for
  4. Firefox - Marco Zehe
    • Static text:
      • FF is going to mark their autogenerated text with the static attribute.
      • This is different than Symphony which will use the list attribute for lists and treats other kinds of autogenerated text as normal text, e.g. dates, footnote references, etc.
      • Aaron said (via prior email):
        It's much easier for us to always expose all text via the text interfaces. There are too many cases and we don't want to have to switch back and forth.

        I can try to do a deep dive and justify further but I already see issues if we have to support true list bullets vs. list bullets that an online word processor inserts, etc. If the text is just in the text interfaces that helps a lot.

        And I know that it will be read because the screen readers are just going to read the text as they grab it. If we change it now we'll have to go fix Orca, NVDA etc.
      • Jamie indicated that NVDA has no need for the static attribute.
      • Jamie prefers that the attribute be renamed from static to autotext. This is because the word static implies read only text and that's not necessarily always the case, depending on the application. He is going to open a bug.
      • Regarding caret movement in auto text there are three cases so the attribute could have three values:
        1. all: can move caret through text, i.e. the common case
        2. first: can only move caret to the first character, e.g. a date field in Symphony
        3. none: can't move the caret at all, e.g. list item bullets/numbers
      • Marco will talk to Aaron.
  5. IA2 Proxy DLL
    • Jamies's RC file is different than the one attached to bug 110. He will send a diff to Pete for review. After resolving that Jamie will build a DLL and attach it to bug 110.
  6. Spelling and grammar errors
    • A spelling error occurs after the space bar is pressed. There is a text attribute changed event. MSAA WinEvents cannot provide info. NVDA would have to scan around the caret to discover the attribute change. Should we create a new event mechanism?
    • Although FF doesn't currently report grammar errors, if it did then there could be more than one error, e.g. both spelling and grammar. How would FF format the string? Would it use a comma separated list of attribute values like this? ...;invalid:spelling,grammar;...
  7. Ending semicolon on attribute strings
    • NVDA would prefer that attribute strings end with a trailing semicolon. What does Symphony do?