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IAccessible2 SIG Conference Call Minutes 2008/07/22

  1. Regrets: none
  2. Attendees: Pete Brunet, Mick Curran, Jamie Teh, Marco Zehe, Mike Squillace, Janina Sajka, Aaron Leventhal
  3. Last meeting minutes - pending approval
  4. AccProbe - Mike Squillace
    • AccProbe 0.4.1 has been released. The major addition is that focus is tracked on a global basis rather than having ot enable it on an app by app basis. AccProbe 0.4.2 should be available in about a month.
    • Mike asks that people use it and open bugs for bugs not in the current list of AccProbe bugs.
  5. Firefox - Marco Zehe, Aaron Leventhal
    • Static text: FF would like to expose list prefixes (numbers, bullets) as static text rather than as a list attribute like Symphony does. Other examples of static text are footnote references and text inserted via CSS before/after.
      • MC: There is a difference in the case where there is no caret movement and text that can't be changed. Static text implies the latter but this is more for the former so the a different name should be considered.
      • JT: There are three cases
        1. can move caret through text, i.e. the common case
        2. can only move caret to the first character, e.g. a date field in Symphony
        3. can't move the caret at all, e.g. list item bullets/numbers
      • MZ: Could use static:all, static:first, static:none to cover 3 cases
      • JT: In support of the static attribute, run information would be available
    • Default attributes: Attributes that have a default value should not have to be included in the attribute string, e.g. font style normal, font weight 500.
      • See the Mozilla documentation.
      • Note that in Linux there are also defaults but those defaults are not as defined in a specification but are as defined by the document, view, or UA. If interested you can peruse the AT-SPI spec.
      • There was an earlier discussion about changing IA2 default text attributes to match ATK/AT-API, but this was dropped. For some history see item 6 in the minutes from January 8th.
  6. IA2 Proxy DLL
    • After Pete incorporates Jamie's patch for improving the typlib spec Jamie will also attach the DLL NVDA built to bug 110.
  7. Concern about adding new interfaces to IDL.
    • This doesn't appear to be an issue. New interfaces should not impact existing interfaces.
  8. Solution for spelling and grammar errors.
    • Like OpenOffice, Firefox also has to manufacture these attributes.
    • Arrange a meeting with the OpenOffice team to discuss.
  9. Solution for smart tags
    • In MS Word you hear "smart tag" for smart tags and "link" for links.
    • Should consider an object attribute on the accessibles created to represent the hyperlinks. The object attribute would differentiate between a link and a smart tag.
  10. Proposed interface to support revisions
    • The ARIA team should also review this.