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IAccessible2 SIG Conference Call Minutes 2008/07/08

  1. Regrets: Mike Squillace, Janina Sajka
  2. Attendees: Pete Brunet, Mick Curran, Jamie Teh, Marco Zehe
  3. Last meeting minutes - approved
  4. Firefox - Marco Zehe
    • Bug 439566 is done. This adds support for the "display" object attribute and uses CSS2 values.
    • Bug 441888 regarding counting menu items is done. Everything between two separators are counted correctly.
    • The text attributes work is next. This is bug 340809.
  5. IA2 version 1.0.2 RFC readiness:
    • Jamie pointed out that IAHyperlink/IAAction may not be suitable for the case where the object has actions which in turn have actions.
  6. IA2 Proxy DLL
    • The DLL is available from the Eclipse AccProbe site.
    • Jamie said he'd also attach the one NVDA built to bug 110.
    • It was agreed that apps won't install or register the DLL, that ATs needing the DLL will install it to system32 and will not remove it from system 32 at uninstall time.
      • This won't be an issue for JAWS or Window-Eyes as they do not use the DLL.
      • The Symphony team will be informed that they don't have to install/register the DLL.
      • Mozilla bug 431480 will be closed.
    • Action items for Pete:
      • Update the proxy DLL wiki page.
      • When the 1.0.2 files are added to BZR, include the files needed to build the proxy DLL.
  7. Making constants appear in the IAccessible2 type library:
    • Jamie will send a patch:
      • Added enum for states
      • Removed incorrect inclusion of interfaces for IAccessibleEventId, IAccessibleRole, and IAccessibleStates.
      • Ensured that structs are named properly so that midl generated names aren't used in the tlb.
      • Can't fix the problem with relation strings, but the NVDA team can deal with that manually.
    • Pete to update IDL to resolve these issues.
  8. Solution for smart tags, spelling errors, and grammar errors.
    • If IAHypertext/IAHyperlink is used for all sorts of hyper information, the AT UI would be the same, e.g. speaking the related text with a different pitch.
    • The NVDA team said the AT behavior for spelling and grammar errors should be more like text attributes than links. NVDA says the word "link" before link text and this would be a problem if IAHyperlink was used for spelling and grammar errors.