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IAccessible2 SIG Conference Call Minutes 2008/06/17

  1. Regrets: none
  2. Attendees: Pete Brunet, Mick Curran, Mike Squillace, Jamie Teh
  3. Last meeting minutes - approved
  4. AccProbe - Mike Squillace
  5. Firefox
    • FF3 was released today.
  6. IA2 version 1.0.2 RFC readiness:
  7. IA2 object attributes
    • Jamie has asked Mozilla to rename the "formating" attribute to "display" and instead of just using the value "block", also use the full set of CSS2 values.
    • There has been some resistance from the Mozilla team, but IA2 should use the CSS terminology even if Mozilla doesn't.
  8. Old NVDA items
    • Last year NVDA raised some issues which really are larger ATK/IA2 issues. These issues were raised via the Open A11y group in January. These should be reopened and discussed with Willie and Li Yuan at a call convenient to the US, China, and Australia.
  9. IAccessibleRevisionText
    • Pending review by the AIA prior to Li Yuan's implementation.
  10. New interface for OpenOffice for smart tags, spelling errors, and grammar errors.
    • Xing Li described how Lotus Symphony uses IAHypertext/link for smart tags. Further discussion is needed to see if that will also work for spelling and grammar errors.