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IAccessible2 SIG Conference Call Minutes 2008/05/13

  1. Regrets: Mike Squillace
  2. Attendees: Pete Brunet, Jamie Teh, Mick Curran
  3. IA2 1.0.2 readiness for review.
    • Can flows_from/to relations be used to link paragraphs?
      • There were no issues with this but NVDA would like to see a means to compare two paragraph references to know if they are the same paragraph or if one is before or after the other. This issue has been raised to the parent Open A11y group in the past and should be reopened with that group.
    • When there is nothing to return from IAAText::textBefore/At/AfterOffset there are separate implementations. Symphony returns -1s in the offsets, "" for the string, and S_OK for the HRESULT. FF3 returns 0s in the offsets, NULL for the string, and S_FALSE for the HRESULT. The latter is in line with the current working draft of the spec which was updated to return 0s, NULLs, and S_FALSE as consistently as possible when there is nothing to return.
      • JAWS, Window-Eyes, and NVDA all are OK for now with this differing behavior but Symphony should eventually change to match the desired behavior.
  4. IA2 proxy DLL and the USB key fob problem
    • We suspect the FF3 bug won't get fixed until after FF3 1.0 ships.
    • The Symphony team will install and register the DLL later this year. Whether they use regsvr32 or CoRegisterClassObject is up to the Symphony team. Either solution will be OK for ATs that run on a USB key fob. However, if it is ever desired that Symphony be a portable application so it too can run off a USB key, CoRegisterClassObject is the only solution. See this post and issue 125 for more info.