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IAccessible2 SIG Conference Call Minutes 2008/04/29

  1. Regrets: none
  2. Attendees: Pete Brunet, Jamie Teh, Mick Curran, Andres Gonzalez, Marco Zehe
  3. Minutes: The prior minutes were approved.
  4. Firefox 3 - Marco Zehe
    • FF3 is close to RC1 so it's hard to get fixes in. The final release is currently targeted for early June. It has a Mozilla 1.9 code base. The Mozilla 1.9.1 code base will be used for Thunderbird 3 and FF 3.0.0.x releases.
  5. Tables with cells that are not direct descendants
    • The addition of "table-cell-index" will be in Wednesday's FF3 nightly build.
    • In v2 Andres would like to see the use of cell index parameters replaced with references to a cell's accessible. For example, instead of giving the table a cell index and asking for the row and column indexes, give the table a reference to the cell and and let the table return the row and column indexes. A 1D row order structure is not necessarily a natural fit for all implementations.
  6. Text attributes
    • Text direction attribute:
      • Since the last meeting screen magnifier vendors asked for support for a top to bottom direction attribute (text flows from top to bottom, then left to right).
      • It was approved that the writing-mode attribute defined in section 7.29.7 of the XSL 1.1 spec be used as the standard for this attribute.
  7. Interop with UIA
    • Regarding Issue 114
      • Andres met with Microsoft proposing a coding solution using the existing IA2 interfaces. He will try his proposal in his prior IA2 proof of concept code and then come back to Microsoft to discuss it further.
      • Mick pointed out that he doesn't like childIDs. When objects are quickly added/removed there are problems, e.g. if there is a list with 3 items, if 2nd item deleted the 3rd becomes the 2nd and there is no way to compare 3rd and 2nd object. The 3rd becomes the 2nd and you don't know what changed so don't know when to speak a focus change. The only thing changed is name and that's not guaranteed.
    • Regarding Issue 117
      • Mick/Jamie/Andres: If this is desired, then IA2 would need to duplicate the MSAA functions and as a result wouldn't need the child IDs.
      • Pete (post meeting): After thinking about this a while I don't understand this. An object could implement both MSAA and IA2 with or with out inheritance. There is nothing in IA2 that is dependent on inheritance from MSAA. Also I'm documenting, and I believe it's implemented in all IA2 implementations, that QueryService (not QueryInterface) should be used and thus the object implementing MSAA and the object implementing IA2 can be different objects.
  8. IA2 proxy DLL and the USB key fob problem
    • Currently can't run NVDA and FF3 on USB stick. As per prior understanding and agreement app vendors don't install the IA2 proxy dll. But in the case of the AT and app being on a USB stick, both the AT and the app have to install and register the proxy dll. Three things are necessary:
      1. App vendors and AT vendors need to install a proxy dll and it must be installed in a location on the file system that the installer has access to, i.e. not windows/system32 which is not accessible to non-admins as is often the case on multi-user systems. The AT won't know where the app's proxy DLL is and the app won't know where the AT's proxy DLL is. The proxy DLLs used by the apps and ATs are equivalent, i.e. they all use the same v1.0.1 (March 26, 2007) IDL so the apps and ATs will be in sync.
      2. Apps and ATs both have to use CoRegisterClassObject. There is no persistent entry in the registry. The proxy DLL is only registered during run time.
      3. The actual IID that is used to identify the DLL has to be known. (The IA2 proxy IID can be used.)
    • See this post to the IA2 list for more detail.
    • Marco opened a bug against FF3.
    • Symphony may already be installing it.