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IAccessible2 SIG Conference Call Minutes 2008/04/15

  1. Regrets: Marco Zehe, Aaron Leventhal
  2. Attendees: Pete Brunet, Jamie Teh, Janina Sajka, Andres Gonzalez, Mike Squillace, Eitan Isaacson
  3. Minutes: The prior minutes were approved.
  4. Open A11y news from Janina:
    Open A11y has been in conversations with AIA leadership, i.e. Rob Sinclair from Microsoft. Rob approached Open A11y asking if the two organizations could work together. Janina indicated that this is desired and should be possible. One of the AIA's concerns is about the Linux Foundation being able to move IA2 to an ISO standard quickly since the LF is a PAS submitter. Rob's concern was that IA2 as an ISO standard might be an impediment to collaboration. Janina indicated that while the LF could move specs to ISO, it doesn't necessarily have to. Open A11y has two concerns:
    1. The governance model in AIA isn't sufficiently democratic and open.
    2. Concern about the UIA Community Promise, i.e. its requirement to implement all of the required parts of the UIA specification. It is not known what the minimum requirements are. Such a restriction is at odds with typical open environments which have no minimum requirements.
    Last week at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit Janina and Pete met informally with Andy Updegrove, LF's legal counsel, to brief him on the Open A11y's legal concerns. Andy agreed to help. Janina invited him to an Open A11y mtg later this month, time TBD.
  5. AccProbe status: Version 0.3.1 is now available from Eclipse. 0.4.0 with better support for Dojo apps should be available next week.
  6. Text attributes
    • Text direction attribute:
      • It was felt that besides right to left and left to right, a direction attribute value of top to bottom (text flows from top to bottom, then left to right) could be of value to screen magnifiers.
      • The writing-mode attribute defined in section 7.29.7 of the XSL 1.1 spec could be used as the standard for this attribute.
      • Pete to get with screen magnifier vendors to determine if the writing-mode attribute value would be useful.
    • Margin attributes:
      • margin-top should be added to the already existing margin-left/right/bottom attributes and those attributes should be attributes on paragraph objects. Symphony paragraphs don't span page boundaries so if there are two pages with different margins the margins would be correctly reflected in the paragraph object.
    • Guidelines for margins and fonts.
      • It was felt that implementors should strive to use a minimum set of values for margins and fonts, i.e. for margin-top/bottom/left/right, mm be used for paper based documents and px for web based documents and for font-size, pt be used for paper based documents and px for web based documents.
  7. Mapping HTML tags to a11y roles
    • Andres asked if a mapping document exists between HTML tags and a11y roles (or if one could be developed). For example Firefox 3 does the following mappings:
      • unordered lists: role LIST with state READONLY
      • list items: role LISTITEM
  8. Best practices document
    • We should start an outline for a best practices document. For starters it should define the following:
      • What events should be fired for each role and in what order.
      • What object hierarchy should be used. There are two today, a flat hierarchy as used in Symphony and a deeper hierarchy as used in Firefox. These two should be documented and in order to cut down on the proliferation of designs, future applications should attempt to use one or the other.
  9. Interop with UIA
    • Andres doesn't see a need for supporting childIDs. He's been discussing this with Microsoft but isn't yet convinced that this support needs to be added to IA2. He will document his thoughts in issue 114 which was opened by Novell (Calvin Gaisford) on behalf of Microsoft.
  10. IA2 proxy DLL and the USB key fob problem
    • Jamie requested that we start discussing NVDA's findings as documented in issue 125 so that cross process implementations like NVDA can run on a key fob. An agreement between IA2 clients and servers is needed.