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IAccessible2 SIG Conference Call Minutes 2008/01/08

  1. Attendees
    • Pete Brunet, Mike Squillace, Janina Sajka, Mick Curran, Aaron Leventhal
  2. Firefox
    • The IA2 implementation is done, except for IA2 text attributes which while done may not get into FF3 at this late stage of development. If it doesn't get in it will be another two years until FF4 comes out. ATs could use a test build prior to that to implement code for the text attributes.
  3. AccProbe
  4. NVDA
    • NVDA is using most of IA2. The text interfaces are very helpful. NVDA is not using relations all that much yet. The web support is being rewritten in C++ (from Python). Mick is noticing massive speedups due to how FF3 is using IAHypertext to provide faster access to objects embedded in text, i.e. not only links but also objects such as buttons. That way the tree doesn't have to be traversed as much. This technique would be good to document for use by others.
  5. Missing constants when using a type lib
    • Mick pointed out that when the IA2 IDL is complied into a type library the role, state, and event enums and constants don't get included. Mick will open a defect.
  6. Addition of IAText::defaultAttributes
    • For the history refer to agenda item 7 from the October 2nd agenda.
    • Aaron has dropped the request for IAText::defaultAttributes. In FF3 IAText::attributes returns the full set of attributes in effect from the child object, e.g. bold, and the parent object, e.g. font size. This was done after conversations with the AT vendors.
    • See