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IAccessible2 SIG Conference Call Minutes 2007/08/07

  1. Regrets
    • none
  2. Attendees
    • Pete Brunet, Itoh-san (Takashi Itoh), Barry Feigenbaum, Janina Sajka, Andres Gonzalez, Aaron Leventhal, Larry Weiss
  3. OpenA11y news from Janina
    • We have a new webmaster, Gregory Rosmaita, gregory at
  4. Version 2 of the text attributes
    • Aaron might not get a chance to implement them in FF3. If not, the ATs would continue to use their existing OSM.
  5. Addition of IAText::defaultAttributes - raised by Aaron
    • The question is: For the next release of IA2 should IAText::attributes be deprecated in favor of IAText::defaultAttributes and IAText::changedAttributes?
    • Aaron will talk to the ATVs. The use case for FF is a string of text with a link. In FF this will be a parent object with an embed character representing the link text and a child object holding the link text. The concept of default attributes could be helpful in this case, i.e. if the POR (Point of Regard) is in the link, a default attributes method could return the attributes of the parent affecting the child. However this could also be done by querying the parent object for the text attributes in effect at the point of the embed character. If this solution was acceptable the existing IA2 design would not have to be changed.
  6. Inspect tool - From Mike Squillace via email:
    • The r0.2 release of AccProbe is on schedule and will be part of the initial commit to Eclipse in September-October. Aaron and other folks at Mozilla are using it with great success.
    • A User's Guide for AccProbe will be part of the r0.2 download.
  7. Firefox - Aaron Leventhal
    • Fixing bugs. 80% are in code that is common between ATK and IA2.
  8. New issue from Aaron: IA2 has text events for both updated and changed.
    • One of these is a duplicate. The Notes 8 team used UPDATED. BTW, Notes 8 only fires UPDATED. They do not ever fire INSERTED or REMOVED. JAWS doesn't use any of the text events and so the Notes 8 team only implemented the UPDATED event.
    • Aaron will most likely not use UPDATED/CHANGED but when there is a modification/replace he will instead generate both REMOVED and INSERTED events. This is to be compatible with Linux AT-SPI.