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Minutes for 2007/07/10

  1. Regrets
    • Aaron Leventhal (on vacation)
  2. Attendees
    • Pete Brunet, Itoh-san (Takashi Itoh), Larry Weiss, Barry Feigenbaum, Janina Sajka, Cathy Laws, Andres Gonzalez
  3. Linux-Foundation news
    • The IA2 IDL itself is ready to move forward as an ISO standard but the documentation is not ready yet. That effort will start in October.
    • A Linux-Foundation face to face meeting was held at Google. Amanda McPherson asked if we'd like a blog set up. She'd even be willing to maintain it if we sent material to her.
      • Any volunteers?
    • Andres asked that the documentation include a note that ATs should always attempt to use IA2, even for apps that they don't already know about.
  4. Version 2 of text attributes
    • Input from Bill Smith: line-height-at-least is not of value and can be removed from the spec.
    • Input after discussion with Rob Gallo: Remove num-format, num-prefix, and num-suffix and replace with a new attribute "prefix" which is the actual number or bullet or the word "graphic" with any prefixes or suffixes added.
  5. IAText:default Attributes
    • ATK has this method, but IA2 does not.
    • ATK also has an in parameter on the getter for attributes and the getter for default attributes which allows the caller to specify a subset of the attributes so the app doesn't have to gather up and present all the attributes each time.
    • There is a discussion on the list about adding a new method to IA2 (and ATK) to fetch only the parameters which have changed from the defaults. This method would be a performance enhancement for both ATs and apps.
    • Is there any work in progress to add such a method to ATK?
  6. AccProbe
    • AccProbe is part of AcTF (Accessibility Tools Framework). AcTF project proposal has been submitted to as an open source project to be incubated within the Eclipse Technology Project.
  7. New Business
    • None