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Minutes for 2007/06/05

  1. Regrets
    • Barry Feigenbaum
  2. Attendees
    • Pete Brunet, Cathy Laws, Sueann Nichols, Janina Sajka, Aaron Leventhal, Mike Squillace, Itoh-san (Takashi Itoh)
  3. Structuring of tables
    • Mostly deferred until Andres attends.
    • However, after the meeting Pete looked into what should be returned by these three methods which would not make sense if cells are not direct decendants of a table.
      • HRESULT childIndex ([in] long rowIndex,[in] long columnIndex,[out, retval] long *childIndex)
      • HRESULT columnIndex ([in] long childIndex,[out, retval] long *columnIndex)
      • HRESULT rowIndex ([in] long childIndex,[out, retval] long *rowIndex)
    • The MSAA docs at say...
      • S_FALSE - The method succeeded in part. This happens when the method succeeds, but the requested information is not available. For example, Active Accessibility returns S_FALSE if you call IAccessible::accHitTest to retrieve a child object at a given point, and the specified point is not within the object or the object's child.
      • DISP_E_MEMBERNOTFOUND - The object does not support the requested property or action. For example, a push button returns this value if you request its Value property, since it does not have a Value property.
      • E_NOTIMPL - The method is not implemented. This value occurs when a client calls a method that is not yet supported in that operating system.
    • Based on that DISP_E_MEMBERNOTFOUND is the best fit. We can discuss this on the next call.
  4. IAValue
    • This was discussed during the larger Open A11y call later in the day. The various thoughts from that meeting and later discussion were:
    • IAValue should only set/get doubles.
    • If there is a related string for any controller positions return it via get_accValue (MSAA convention). On Linux use accessible name.
    • If there is a related text area that changes (like the slider on the Privacy tab of Internet Options) use a controllerFor relation.
  5. IA2::relation/relations
    • It was agreed that if we added a new getter which took an ID and returned an IARelation that the ID should be a BSTR since that's how relations are ID'd in IA2.
    • If we add this new method the IAccessible2 interface needs to be rev'd, i.e. renamed to IAccessilbe2_2 and using new GUIDs. Pete will query the JAWS and Window-Eyes developers to assess the impact. If the cost is too high then Aaron will live with the current situation.
  6. AccProbe
    • R0.1 is ready to release. A zip file was sent to Pete and Aaron. A license was sent to Alexander Surkov. An annoucement was sent to the list.
    • The larger Raven/aDesigner/AccProbe project was accepted as Ecplise project and will be released there later in the year.
  7. Firefox
    • Alexander implemented IAApplication and is working on IAText text changes.
  8. New Business
    • None