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Minutes for 2007/05/08

  1. Regrets
    • None
  2. Attendees
    • Pete Brunet, Sueann Nichols, Larry Wiess, Barry Feigenbaum, Cathy Laws, Andres Gonzalez, Itoh-san (Takashi Itoh), Aaron Levanthal, Janina Sajka
  3. LF: Charter Text, Open A11y Branding/Identity
    • The Open A11y mission statement is in last call. There have been no comments.
  4. State bits; offset used on roles
    • Since JAWS update 2 is in Release Candidate stage the handling of state bits and roles won't be changed. Andres accepts this status.
  5. IAText::oldText/newText
    • Deferred to next week
  6. IAText::text - Raised by Aaron Leventhal
    • Aaron wants this for consistency with ATK. Pete to investigate impact.
  7. Methods which returns arrays - what to do with the unneeded max parameter?
    • Barry suggested that rather than reving the IDL we could allow the max parameter and the server could limit the returned array to that size. Pete to check with the Notes 8 developers.
  8. Eclipse - Larry Weiss, Barry Feigenbaum
    • Working on getting extensions into Eclipse
    • Working on test app - implementing every method
    • Working on how to deal with light weight children. This is foreign to SWT. SWT has deferred these issues to native widgets.
    • Firefox doesn't care who holds onto objects, but if an object goes away a shuthdown method is called and FF just keeps a stub and releases all associated allocated storage and puts the object into defunct state and returns a failure if anyone uses the object.
    • Gecko doesn't know about a11y. The a11y code keeps and manages a cached hash table (dom ptr to acc ptr).
    • Document manages elements in the hash, calling shutdown method of objects when they are destroyed.
    • ATs manage objects based on certain events like page change events
    • It's a lot of work, perhaps too much work, to create custom controls. The Eclipse framework abstracts the COM protocol but doesn't hide life cycle management.
    • Aaron will write up an article when done with FF3 - on life cycle mangement and on cross platform a11y development.
  9. Firefox - Aaron Leventhal
    • Alexander Surkov submitting lots of code for review: IAHypertext, IAText, IAEditableText, IAccessible2, IAAction; soon IATable, IAValue and IAImage
  10. New Business
    • Andres' raised a question about IATable:
      • Why does table require the cells to be children?
      • Larry: From the cell how would you get to parent?
      • Andres: The children could be rows or cols.
      • Aaron: For tree grid whole row gets selected and have cells as children of rows, but would like to keep ATK/IA2 unified. ATK doesn't specify table -> row; it's table -> child
      • Aaron: Selection needs children.
      • The IDL design is such that cells are children. Can we remove that limitation?
      • Need to discuss further next week.