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Minutes for 2007/05/01

  1. Regrets
    • Barry Feigenbaum
  2. Attendees
    • Pete Brunet, Mike Squillace, Larry Wiess, Michael Stewart, Andres Gonzalez, Itoh-san (Takashi Itoh), Aaron Levanthal, Janina Sajka, Steve Lee, Andrew Rist
  3. LF: Charter Text, Open A11y Branding/Identity - Janina
    • The latest draft from the Open A11y meeting held later in the day after this meeting:

      First chartered in 2004 as the Free Standards Group Accessibility Workgroup (FSGA), the Open A11y group functions today within the Linux Foundation to establish free and open standards that enable comprehensive universal access to various computing platforms, applications, and services. Open A11y makes it easier for developers, ISVs, and distributions to support assistive technologies (AT). Assistive technologies enable individuals to make full use of computer-based technology despite variabilities in physical or sensory abilities due to illness, aging or disability.

      For example, AT enable individuals who are blind or visually impaired to readonline text, and provide the means for individuals who do not have the use of their arms and hands to write and correspond. AT also enable individuals who cannot speak or hear to participate on the telephony interfaces of today -- and will support their participation on the multimodal computer interfaces of tomorrow.

    • These are some action items for the Linux Foundation to help with open a11y branding to show that the group's efforts are platform independent: create an icon, rework the web content, write articles, give presentations, e.g. CSUN, and ATIA.
  4. State bits - Andres
    • Should a 64 bit int be used to hold both msaa and ia2 bits so AT doesn't have to make two calls?
  5. Bias used on roles - Andres
    • Biasing the roles at an offset above 32K would allow a bit to be checked in the upper word and would be a more efficient means for checking the presence of IA2 status bits for ATs.
  6. IAText::oldText/newText - Aaron
    • What lifetime object management strategy should be used to support out of process ATs?
  7. IAText::text - Aaron
    • The AT should be able to get text by specifying -1 on the end offset.
    • Alternatively, the AT could use textAtOffset with boundary ALL.
  8. Python wrappers - Michael Stewart
    • The wrappers are almost done. An exercise program using/testing the wrappers is being written.
  9. Inspect tool - Mike Squillace
    • Working on in process (memory maps)
    • The target version 0 release date is June 1
  10. Eclipse - Larry Weiss, Barry Feigenbaum
    • Working on issues regarding life cycle of child objects, e.g. with tables.
  11. Firefox - Aaron Leventhal
    • Aaron is reviewing Alexander's IAText patch
    • Trying to get all of IA2 into FF3 but might have to scale back
    • FF3 will be released in October.