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Minutes for 2007/04/10

  1. Regrets
    • Mike Squillace
  2. Attendees
    • Pete Brunet, Michael Stewart, Larry Weiss, Itoh-san (Takashi Itoh), Barry Feigenbaum, Andres Gonzalez, Sueann Nichols, Cathy Laws, Aaron Leventhal
  3. Summary
    • Sample Client Implementation - Michael Stewart
      • wrapping IA2 interfaces in Python; MSAA 100% done, IA2 about 20%; should complete by end of next week
    • Eclipse
      • working on test app to make sure prototype code is working OK
      • will talk to Carolyn MacLeod to get her feedback and after that we may have an idea of how the effort will roll out into the larger Eclipse effort
    • Firefox - Aaron
      • Alexander Surkov is working through issues; he has implemented part of IA2 and IAText and all of IAAction
      • WindowEyes turned off their browse mode when QI of IA2 started working; they will fix this
    • Sample Server Implementation - All
      • Currently only Eclipse and Firefox are open source (not Notes 8)
      • Eclipse is JNI code; not suitable
      • Firefox code is complex but might be useful as a starting point; would have to eliminate the cross platform code
      • Todo: What is viral nature of MPL?
      • Larry: IA2 is used in cases where a developer wants to expose more than MSAA. IA2 is applicable to more complex implementations. Firefox, Notes 8, Eclipse are all complex apps and are quite different from each other.
      • Andres Gonzalez: Snippets of code would be helpful. Not necessary to have a full working example.
    • Other issues?
      • none