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Minutes for 2007/04/03

  1. Regrets
    • none
  2. Attendees
    • Pete Brunet, Itoh-san (Takashi Itoh), Larry Weiss, Mike Squillace, Janina Sajka, Michael Stewart
  3. Summary
    • Janina: LF charter text
      • The draft language is pending input from Olaf Schmidt for an additional sentence.
      • Janina met with Jim Zemlin, Rich Schwerdtfeger, and George Kraft to discuss Open A11y branding/identity.
    • Inspect tool - Michael Stewart
      • working on wrappers, learning about xulrunner
    • aDesigner/RAVEn - Mike Squillace
      • Starting with core and UI, then more components/features/plugins, e.g. support for msaa/ia2, java, and web and also reports generated into a database or XML or HTML.
      • Core contains support for configuration and basic navigation.
      • One tool when done with about nine plugins: core, accessibility plugin (support for msaa/ia2), etc.
      • The RCP version will be for the inspect tool. It will have core plus the accessibility plugin.
    • aDesigner/RAVEn EPL issue - Janina
      • EPL is not compatible with GPL and it would be helpful to use the source in GPL projects. NVDA is GPL.
      • Jambu is not decided yet between GPL and BSD.
      • FSG (The Linux Foundation) suppports BSD, LGPL, possibly MPL (source) and binary only (Sun Solaris, IBM IAX).
    • Eclipse
      • The IBM Eclipse team is ready to review the prototype that Larry and Barry have been working on.
      • The prototyping work is moving forward daily, mostly on the example app.
      • Eclipse 3.3 M6 includes support for QueryService which the prototype code depends on.
      • Support for QueryService was added for when a peered control needs to forward a call to the peer.
    • Other issues?
      • none