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Minutes for 2007/03/06

  1. Regrets
    • Aaron Leventhal, Steve Lee, Sueann Nichols, Neil Soiffer
  2. Attendees
    • Pete Brunet, Michael Stewart, Larry Weiss, Janina Sajka, Cathy Laws
  3. Summary
    • IDL Changes
      • no concerns
    • Ia2inspect - from Michael Stewart
      • Learning a lot of xul and xbl, how to catch events; still using Minefield (Mozilla trunk builds)
      • Displaying name, role, role text, description, location, parent; no IA2 properties yet
      • Need the marshaling proxy DLL so it can be registered
      • Continuing to work with Steve Lee
      • Pete needs to get info to Michael about how to publish to the unofficial section of the Linux Foundation site.
    • Notes 8 IA2 Server should be available on March 8
    • Dispatch interfaces - any questions or issues?
      • Concern that the first implementation would be by Freedom Scientific or GW Micro and that it would not be publicly available.
    • Eclipse
      • Working on the implementation. Code was sent to Eclipse. Waiting for a review. Will then understand the best development approach.
    • Other issues?
      • no