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Minutes for 2007/02/27

  1. Regrets
    • Steve Lee, Janina Sajka
  2. Attendees
    • Pete Brunet, Mike Squillace, Michael Stewart, Pete Parente, Itoh-san (Takashi Itoh), Barry Feigenbaum, Sueann Nichols, Larry Weiss, Aaron Leventhal, Cathy Laws
  3. Summary
    • From Janina: The new name of FSGA is Open Accessibility when spoken or Open A11y when written.
    • Ia2inspect
      • First code drop to Alexander Surkov
      • For GUI, having problems building against pyxpcom
      • Using a Minefield (Mozilla trunk build) extention as a workaround until standalone xulrunner environment is working
      • Steve Lee is also working on a xulrunner project and he is entering bugs
      • Mike Squillace has been using xulrunner v1.8.1.2; offered to help Michael
    • Notes 8 IA2 Server should be available by March 8
    • Capture and organization of code samples
      • Sueann has an idea of what fragments she wants and will provide a first draft of what is needed; needs about 2 weeks to get started on that
      • The Mozilla code is too layered; not suitable for developer guide samples
      • SWT is not suituable. It's all implemented in Java as a JNI front end - ugly C code - all the real code is in Java
      • Would Qt or Notes 8 be a possible source for code samples?
      • Maybe need to start from scratch and create a sample server with a button, list, container, text, slider (fires events as value changes)
        • Need a volunteer
    • Firefox
      • Alexander Surkov is waiting for approval to drop IDL files into the Mozilla code base
      • Alexander created a mapping from IA2 to Gecko APIs at
      • First use of FF IA2 implementation will likely be NVDA; NVDA needs the IA2 caret support
      • ATVs will want IA2 to support live regions
    • Raven
      • Going out to alphaWorks early next week
    • Eclipse
      • Can now expose objects for self drawn children
      • Can now do end to end call from UnoInspect tool to virtual children. The children don't have a native widget but have a fully functioning accessible.
    • AT-SPI changes
      • none this week
    • Other issues?
      • no