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Minutes for 2007/02/06

  1. Regrets
    • none
  2. Attendees
    • Pete Brunet, Rich Schwerdtfeger, Janina Sajka, Michael Stewart, Pete Parente, Larry Weiss, Cathy Laws, Sueann Nichols, Aaron Leventhal, Neil Soiffer, Mike Squillace
  3. Summary of Discussion
    • Microsoft reviewed the IA2 IDL (see agenda note below)
    • The renaming of FSG to The Linux Foundation occurred after the submission of IA2 to FSG. Earlier in the week Rob Sinclair, Director, Accessible Technology Group, Microsoft Corporation and Rich Schwerdtfeger, Distinguished Engineer, Software Group Accessibility Strategist/Architect, IBM Corporation discussed the name change. Rob is going to get back to Rich on any requests Microsoft will have for possible rewording of the LF charter, mission statement, web pages, etc. Rich asked Rob to provide suggested rewording.
    • During the weekly FSGA call on Wednesday the FSGA team will decide how to rename the FSGA (since FSG no longer exists).
    • The discussion about how to support math continued. After further thought during the past week Neil didn't think the agreement of the prior week was correct. See his posting to the IA2 list today. Some of today's discussion:
      • Aaron: Text attributes could be used to define math structure; they can convey semantics
      • Neil: MathML provides this
      • Neil: User choice is important, e.g. different needs for someone learning braille, someone who is dyslexic
      • Larry: This is an argument for separation of content and presentation
      • Neil: MathPlayer user configures settings; this results in the proper strings being sent to the AT
      • Larry: Can AT use companion module to get transformation?
      • Neil: In MathPlayer this is inside MathPlayer
      • Larry: Can we expand this for general purpose use?
      • Neil: We have this for Acrobat Reader; it would be nice if IA2 allowed for provision of the transformation; needs to be simple for AT
      • It was decided that math was outside the scope of IA2 and that a separate group needs to be formed. Janina is going to invite Neil to a future FSGA meeting so the larger FSGA team can determine if enough resources are interested in solving this problem so a separate workgroup can be formed.
    • Regarding ia2poke, Michael Stewart worked with Pete Parente (pypoke for Linux) to define role icons, worked with Pete Brunet on the feature list, and made some progress on getting a XUL environment running, i.e. found a Firefox extension that works with Minefield (Firefox 3.0) ( that uses python and xul - so it's possible