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Minutes for 2007/01/30

  1. Regrets
    • Luke Kowalski
  2. Attendees
    • Mike Squillace, Michael Stewart, Larry Weiss, Pete Parente, Janina Sajka, Neil Soiffer, Aaron Leventhal, Andres Gonzalez
  3. Summary of Discussion
    • Use SUCCEEDED and FAILED macros for checking the HRESULT. Don't check for S_OK.
    • Janina Sajka discussed the name change from FSG to the Linux Foundation. FSG Board of Directors is very supportive of IA2.
    • The remaining discussion was about supporting Math.
      • Neil described how the text representing a mathematical formula is not in a form that can be spoken correctly by a TTS engine or a Braille device. But AT vendors don't want to know about math, they want to just make a call. The current hack is to use name tag. It would be nice to embed speech queues but this is not device independent and not all TTS engines take speech queues.
      • For example, f=ma comes out as f = mah, want pauses, etc. Comprehension goes way up if spoken correctly using pitch changes and good timing. Voice changes aren't that effective. Other examples are chemistry and sheet music.
      • Larry pointed out that the AT might have to handle TTS and Braille at the same time and this would require different content for TTS and Braille.
      • Neil suggested that the AT would tell the app how to present the math strings, i.e. the required format. The app would have code, possibly via a plugin, that would make the appropriate conversion.
      • Aaron and Larry pointed out that the AT should deal with this issue, not the application. There is a need to separate the model and the view. The API is to retrieve content; the AT then modifies content for the user based on settings, content, etc.
      • The transformers can be packaged such that other ATs can take advantage of the feature.
      • It was felt that a separate group should work on this issue to develop an open standard. Janina said she'd check into the possibilities.