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Agenda for 2007/03/06

  1. Introductions if needed
  2. Janina: Any LF charter text showing support of IA2?
  3. IA2 Tool Progress - Michael Stewart
  4. Proxy DLL
    • No volunteer to create the installer, but it's a simple process that can be integrated into the AT's install process, i.e. copy the DLL to system32 and register the DLL. I'll publish the build procedure and related DLL later this week.
  5. Dispatch interfaces
    • Any remaining questions or issues?
  6. IA2 Server for testing
    • The Hannover/Workplace (Notes 8) public beta eGA is scheduled for March 8.
  7. BZR
    • The directories have been restructured.
  8. The following IDL changes will be posted this week
    • Add code so a type library can be created
    • Add IAccessible2::role to fetch IA2 roles - don't use MSAA get_accRole in order to eliminate possible interop problems
    • Add events for column changed, doc section changed - needed for better document support
    • Add role IA2_ROLE_HEADING, remove IA2_ROLE_HEADING1 to IA2_ROLE_HEADING10 - for harmony with AT-SPI
    • In IAccessibleTable add methods nSelectedChildren, selectedChildren - needed for large selections so the AT can quickly get to the end
    • Remove IA2_STATE_INVALID - not needed
    • Change parameter IAccessible2::scrollTo from boolean to an enum (top left, bottom right, top/bottom/left/right edge) - for screen magnifiers
    • Add IAccessible2::scrollToPoint
    • Rename IAccessibleText::scrollToSubstring to IAccessibleText::scrollSubstringTo and add a new parameter, the enum listed above - for screen magnifiers
    • Add IAccessibleText::scrollSubstringToPoint
    • Replace use of IA2Point with x and y in IAccessibleComponent::locationInParent - inconsistent with AT_SPI and the rest of IA2
    • Remove IAccessible2::localizedStates and IAccessible2::localizedRoleName - let the ATs localize rather than each app
    • Remove IA2_EVENT_ROLE_CHANGED event - doesn't make sense
    • Rename IA2TextCoordinateType and IA2ImageCoordinateType to IA2CoordinateType - for simplification
    • Remove OBJID_IAAPPLICATION from IAApplication.idl.
  9. Code samples
    • We need to create good code samples on the server side.
      • Who will volunteer to create them?
  10. No progress on the following:
    • BZR
      • A patch submission process is being developed
    • Enter defects into Bugzilla
  11. What else needs to be discussed?
  12. What IA2 information do you need?
  13. What IA2 issues need resolution soon? Target date?
  14. What would you like to see done?
    • Directory of Programs - Steve Lee
      • I have some input for Steve
    • Developer Guide
      • This has been started; Pete to organize; who can help?
        • Sueann Nichols
    • FAQ
    • Wikipedia entry?
    • Others?