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Agenda for 2007/02/13

  1. Introductions
  2. Janina: Any LF charter text showing support of IA2?
  3. IA2 Tool Progress - Michael Stewart
  4. Interop between IA2 implementations
    • What is the correct technique to let the system marshaller know about IA2? Today there is one implementation which registers IA2. But what about other apps soon to appear? Should each app register its IA2 DLL? Should there be a common industry wide DLL that just defines the interfaces and everyone installs/uninstalls it at install/uninstall time? There would need to be some ref counting scheme so the interface didn't get de-registered until the last app was uninstalled.
  5. BZR
    • Posting first change - almost there. I got a "not authorized" message back from the Patch Queue Manager. These are the changes I submitted:
      • Added two new events for column change and section change
      • Fixed broken link to LGPL license
      • Reworked the dir structure, updated related docs
      • Added MS VS project files to test for MIDL compiler errors
  6. Bugzilla now has components for IAccessible2 and IA2 Debug Tool
  7. No progress on the following:
    • BZR
      • Asked support to move branch point down one level from a11yspecs to ia2 so we don't get the non-ia2 stuff when checking out
      • A tree and branch point for the debug tool has been requested
      • A patch submission process is being developed
    • Enter defects into Bugzilla
  8. What else needs to be discussed?
  9. What IA2 information do you need?
  10. What IA2 issues need resolution soon? Target date?
  11. What would you like to see done?
    • Directory of Programs - Steve Lee
      • I have some input for Steve
    • Developer Guide
      • This has been started; Pete to organize; who can help?
        • Sueann Nichols
    • FAQ
    • Wikipedia entry?
    • Others?