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Agenda for 2007/02/06

  1. Introductions
  2. Microsoft reviewed the IA2 spec. Recommendations:
    • Don't use get_accRole for IA2 roles; add IAccessible2::role
    • Don't use OBJID_IAAPPLICATION - use QueryService to ask the queried object for the object that implements IAApplication
    • Use IA2Point in IAImage::imagePosition instead of separate x/y parameters
    • Add documentation about the fact that QueryService on an IAccessible must be used to get access to the IA2 interface on an IA2 object
  3. Janina: Any LF charter text showing support of IA2?
  4. Janina: Any thoughts on a math transformation standard and working group?
  5. Does IAText::attribute need a "math" attribute to mark what text should be transformed?
  6. IA2 Tool Progress - Michael Stewart
  7. No progress on the following:
    • Bugzilla now has components for IAccessible2 and IA2 Debug Tool
      • I went through the archives and compiled a list of potential bugs and Aaron Leventhal (Firefox accessibility) sent me some more
      • I will enter these into Bugzilla
    • BZR
      • I made my first change but can't get it pushed back to the server
      • Asked support to move branch point down one level from a11yspecs to ia2 so we don't get the non-ia2 stuff when checking out
      • A tree and branch point for the debug tool has been requested
      • A patch submission process is being developed
  8. What else needs to be discussed?
  9. What IA2 information do you need?
  10. What IA2 issues need resolution soon? Target date?
  11. What would you like to see done?
    • Directory of Programs - Steve Lee
      • I have some input for Steve
    • Developer Guide
      • This has been started; Pete to organize; who can help?
        • Sueann Nichols
    • FAQ
    • Wikipedia entry?
    • Others?