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Minutes of the Open A11y Expert Handlers SIG Call 2009/01/19

Preliminary Business


  • Neil Soiffer (NS/chair)
    • Vladmir Bulatov (VB)
    • Gregory J. Rosmaita (GJR, scribe)
    • Janina Sajka (JS)
      • regrets: Alexander Surkov

Agenda Review

Approval of Last Meeting's Minutes

Action Item Review

Minutes of Expert Handlers Conference Call 2009/01/19

Topic 1: Specialized Markup Languages Revisted

Talking Points & Resources:

JS: scores are available online -- DAISY conference in 2002 someone from Netherlands working on electronic scores; there are electronic scores, but don't know how open the code is; will have to check

JS: one approach which has been advanced in the past is generating MP3 on the fly out of MIDI performances -- piano right hand on right channel, piano left hand on left channel; told them better for user if left in MIDI because user can edit/manipulate the score, and then convert end-product into output format of choice

NS: investigated SBML and CML and posted findings to list; SBML (Systems Biology Markup Language) -- don't know much about the topics it covers, but does some of the same things CML does -- describe chemical formulae in various ways; does have a ton of stuff that i can't imagine a means of describing -- programmatic exchange of model data -- example of chemical formula can be described as per my email; can do ton of stuff with SVG some of which is not easily described or accessible, but doesn't mean that SVG doesn't meet handlers case -- SBML might be reasonable case; same is true for CML -- can have quite complicated structures -- program that renders in browser uses an applet so onMouseOver the structural diagram would highlight; could imagine navigating around structures and having description of chemical bond -- each element, to what is it bonded; reasonable ML for handlers

VB: database driven?

NS: not sure what used for -- modeling aspects caught my eyes; number of Mathematica programs that can operate on them; manipulate data, push out model (run formula through time); not sure how actively used these programs are, but 20 different programs listed, so some grouping of people there doing stuff with SBML; CML had fewer applications, but 3 main pieces of software that were either visualization tools or editors to facilitate creation; a lot builds on huge amounts of structure; doubt look at it statically -- programs will manipulate in some way to demonstrate chemical/biological

VB: checked GML -- convert up to SVG; generally there are 2 things: GXML and PlanXML and SpacePhysicsML -- database of stuff described in classical data; not to be used by end user -- need software to access data; end user will never interact with GML; SpacePhysical - end user would convert to SVG; PhysicsML - ambitious descriptions but in reality, looks like project that died -- used to manipulate huge collections of data, not for end use;


  • ACTION JS & GJR: carry action items from last week for next week
  • ACTION VB: explore GDML (geometry markup language)
  • ACTION NS: CellML, GEDML, GEML (gene ML), GIXML (gastro-intestinal markup language)
  • ACTION JS: continue investigation of MusicML and FLOW ML
  • ACTION GJR: will scrape whatever is left

NS: move to adjourn

GJR: second

Wrap Up

Identify Topics for the 2008/01/26 Expert Handlers Call

Expert Handlers Requirements, 0.1

Talking Points & Resources: