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Minutes of the Open A11y Expert Handlers SIG Call 2009/01/12

Preliminary Business


  • Neil Soiffer (NS/chair)
    • Vladmir Bulatov (VB)
    • Gregory J. Rosmaita (GJR, scribe)
    • Janina Sajka (JS)
      • regrets: Pete Brunet, Alexander Surkov

Agenda Review

Approval of Last Meeting's Minutes

Note: This meeting has not yet been held.

Minutes of Expert Handlers Conference Call 2009/01/12

Topic 1: Updates & News

GJR: ARIA 1.0 is now headed for Last Call in mid-to-late February 2009

NS: "math" still one of roles?

GJR: discussed at today's ARIA caucus

NS: marking images as having math?

GJR: math now inherits from section, not IMG -- didn't want to reinforce the idea that pictures of math is "meaningful math", much as there is confusion over pictures of text and actual text; final wording is very concise and precise; still need to include authoring best practice of using TeX or LaTeX as alt text and attaching it to the image, if the site persists in serving images rather than actual MathML or other structured and appropriate language; may end up as a WCAG2 technique

JS: please keep the list updated on new editor's drafts

NS: who is going to CSUN 2009?

JS: currently co-chairing WAI PF -- may be at CSUN if necessary

GJR: no

VB: no

NS: DAISY Pipeline -- takes input from various sources -- OpenOffice, Word, etc.; flows through pipeline to convert to DAISY book; Design Science designed tool for MathML; supposed to be released in November 2008, but patent issues arose; probably release around time of CSUN 2009

NS: related to that is that Microsoft is releasing new version of "Save as DAISY" with actual Math support

VB: math in MathML?

NS: yes, math in MathML; written mathtype and expression formatter for it;

NS: from John, ViewPlus more buy-in from other publishers; American Physical Society going to produce journals in DAISY format

GJR: does anyone know the format in which the original content is served? NewsML? ZedAI working on periodicals profile which integrates NewsML served from news distribution organizations in NewsML

NS: thought one thing ZedAI will do is have transformation to XHTML+MathML+Whatever profiles

GJR: still integral part, but core based on XHTML2

NS: another bit of news: once APS does DAISY publishing 2 other scientific journals will follow suit

GJR: that's [expletive] incredible

Topic 2: Specialized Markup Languages Revisted

Talking Points & Resources:

Topic 2: Expert Handlers Requirements, 0.1

Talking Points & Resources:

Wrap Up

Identify Topics for the 2008/01/19 Expert Handlers Call