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Minutes of the Open A11y Expert Handlers SIG Call 2008/03/10


  • Neil Soiffer (NS/chair)
    • Pete Brunet (PB)
    • Vladmir Bulatov (VB)
    • Gregory J. Rosmaita (GJR, scribe)
    • Janina Sajka (JS)
      • regrets: none yet logged

Agenda Review

Approval of Last Meeting's Minutes

Minutes of Expert Handlers Conference Call 2008/03/10

NOTE: This meeting has not yet been held.

CSUN2008: Final Preparations

Expert Handlers at CSUN2008 - For Reference:

CSUN2008 Handlers Slides

For Reference - Offlist Email from NS:

I have the talk put together from what everyone sent me. I took extreme liberties in reformatting because the slides that I received were often too dense and would have been hard to read if I made them fit on a single slide.

In general, I strongly believe what I heard a speaker say in a "how to give a presentation" talk. He said to put as little as possible on a slide. The more you put, the longer the people in the audience will spend reading the slide and not listening to you. In that respect, we all have too many words. I suggest we all look at the slides we are going to give and suggest rewordings that hit just the essence of what we want to say and not make it be what we will say verbatim. In some cases, I did cut down the original words in order to make even the split slides fit better. I hope my little "lecture" doesn't offend anyone and doesn't contradict what you (all) think is best.

Let's have our call on Monday and discuss the slides and any modifications that should be made. I'll also explain the opening and closing slides.

I've attached what I did. The main file is ExpertHandlers.html, and there is a png file that has the a11y logo. There is also a zip file for Slidy. I share this among talks and so is referenced as ../../Slidy. If you don't put it two levels up, change the reference in the HTML file. The zip file is a bit large because it contains a number of things that aren't really needed for this talk, but are nice to have around (e.g., documentation).

Upcoming Meeting Schedule

For Reference:

Future Meeting Topics

Suggested Topics for 17 March 2007 Expert Handlers Call:

  • CSUN2008 "De-briefing"
  • liaising with contacts made at CSUN2008 and by the dissemination of UUC1