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Minutes of the Open A11y Expert Handlers SIG Call 2008/02/11


  • Neil Soiffer (NS/chair)

Agenda Review

Approval of Last Meeting's Minutes

Minutes of Expert Handlers Conference Call 2008/02/11

TOPIC 1: Moving Unified Use Cases, version 1 (UUC1) Forward

For Reference:

ACTION GJR: draft press releases for UUC1 and for CSUN2008 presentations as a wiki page and post to list for discussion. (deadline: as soon as possible)

NS: other than spreading the word via the web and press releases, what other next steps should we take -- get vendors to join call? -- perhaps one at a time?

GJR: why don't we send invites -- start with willie walker

JS: going to be difficult in run-up to CSUN

GJR: Mick Curran of NVDA will be there -- recipient of Mozilla Foundation grant to work on ARIA support in his open source screen reader for windows

JS: was in attendance at last week's general Open A11y call for discussion of UUC1

GJR: NS can you trawl the full CSUN2008 Schedule, to harvest list of individuals at CSUN whom we want to bring into our orbit; invite to presentation, and if can't attend, please read UUC1 and comment and come to meetings for more information/exchange of ideas and details;

TOPIC 2: Unified Use Cases, version 1 (UUC1) at CSUN2008

For Reference:

NS: would like to discuss the overall format of presentation -- if get into details, who will handle what -- designated person or discuss between panel members

JS: i'm ok with however we decide to do it, it sparks discussion

GJR: flow of control with 3 options fertile field for feedback

NS: need to give certain amount of detail in order to obtain feedback, but avoid getting bogged down in details

JS: first question we want answered is: what did we miss and what did we get wrong? start with succinct presentation of use cases

NS: want to give everyone a chance to speak, so would like if each section's author could present their use case(s)

JS: interruptions as we go or hold until end?

NS: interruptions/questions on particular topic after giving use case

GJR: think we need to adhere to a tight structure: present each use case, reap questions; address those questions first when have question and answer period so as to keep any one use case from dominating the presentation

JS: NS needs to manage and referee

NS: will invite people to join group;

JS: point them to and (short URI not functioning correctly)

NS: JS speech output and alternate input; GJR: navigability & universal use cases; Vladmir: braille and tactile; NS magnification and flow of control

GJR: PB going to be there, too, right?

NS: yes -- can back us up on IAccessible2 inquiries

JS: NS -- were you considering using slides?

NS: think we should all should make some slides -- send them to me so that the presentation is all on one computer

JS: OpenOffice impress would be my slide-making tool

NS: was going to use one of my favorite tools, HTMLSlidy

GJR: will put in link to slidy and to the W3C toolbox and W3C open source repository

JS: audio recording of some examples -- what does JAWS do today without expert handler?

NS: JAWS under FireFox, and JAWS under MSIE -- with mathplayer plugin to compare difference between no expert handler and a customized expert handler

JS: would rather we turn mathplayer on and off -- that is a better illustration of the problem: expert handlers for specialized markup must be build into a specification, so that developers don't have to reinvent the wheel and rebuild plug-in after every revision; want to focus on plugin mechanism, not browsers -- worried that using different browsers might be a distraction

GJR: i will record JAWS attempting to parse MathML without an expert handler or plug-in

ACTION GJR: record JAWS attempting to parse MathML, place in a11yweb's audio archive directory, and post URI to list (deadline: as soon as possible)

TOPIC 3: Expert Handlers Web Site Updates

TOPIC 4: Upcoming Expert Handlers Conference Calls

NS: available on 18 February 2008 for a Handlers call, but not on 25 February;

JS: off to venice for W3C Protocols & Formats face2face meeting next week; can make next week's handlers call, but not the 25 February 2008 call

RESOLVED: there will be no call on 25 February 2008