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Minutes of the Open A11y Expert Handlers Committee Conference Call 2007/06/11

Janina Sajka
Pete Brunet
Neil Soiffer

After some general discussion of direction and what everybody could remember from previous calls, we started to discuss focus. In particular who controls it and controls key events. Neil said that the AT vendors he talked to had different opinions that ran from "we don't want to think about it -- you deal with it" to "the only way you'll get focus is to pry if from my cold, dead hands".

Pete asked what documents are we talking about. Neil said that in addition to web documents, Word documents and PDF documents.

Pete summarized the virtualization models of screen readers and said that focus doesn't make sense because the screen readers extract the document from Web page (etc.) to create a series of lines of text and users interact with the text that was extracted [Ed: this is slight simplication of the much more detailed description Pete gave]. Perhaps math would be like xforms where you need to explicitly enter an "edit" mode (or some such) so that you can directly interact with the document.

Pete asked how do you virtualize or serialize the math. The various forms:

  1. what string is in the virtual buffer?
  2. what is sent to the TTS engine? (may include TTS commands)
  3. what should be copied to email? (what is good for blind reader may be bad for sighted readers).
  4. what should be done for braille? (math braille is not based on text to speak and there are many different braille codes for a piece of math)

We should get representatives from Freedom Scientific and GW Micro to join us on a call -- one each week -- to further discuss these issues.

There was some discussion about Firefox and its ability to handle with propriatary plug-ins. Perhaps the group should develop a standard for an interface would be acceptable so that people could implement plug-ins for various handlers.

ACTION ITEM: Janina to set up web pages for expert handlers.