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Open A11y Expert Handlers Committee Conference Call Agenda 2007/08/06

  1. Review Mission Statement Update
  2. Review of Web Site
  3. Review of use cases
  4. New business

Outstanding Action Items

Action Item: Gregory
turn off some of the template link (Press Release, FAQ, Overview)

Summary of Completed Action Items

Action Items: Gregory:
1) fix IAccessible2 and Handlers from the email page
2) add to the main accessibility page under "Workgroup Resources" an item "A11y SIGs" and under that a list of AT-SPI, Device IO, Handlers, IAccessible2, Keyboard.

Action Item: Vladimir Bulatov:
first draft of a Use case for "structure to braille conversion"

Action Item: Pete:
First Draft: Use Case for "navigability, perhaps multiple levels of navigability"

Action Item: Neil:
First Draft: Use Case for "magnification, both global and local"

Action Item: Janina
post revised mission statement.

Action Item: Janina
Speech Use Cases -- Draft 1

Other Outstanding Items

New Business