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The Linux Foundation hosts workgroups where individuals can collaborate to solve complex issues facing the Linux platform. The work of many of these workgroups may eventually become best practice and codified into the Linux Standard Base and/or may be submitted as patches to the mainline kernel tree or other packages. Participation is open to all.

The Linux Foundation Workgroups

  • Accessibility - Standards that make Linux and Linux-based applications accessible to persons with disabilities, includes the cross-platform IAccessible2 interfaces.
  • Carrier Grade Linux - Enhancing the capablities of Linux to increase its adoption by carriers.
  • Debugging ( Debugger Machine Interface) - DMI is a machine-oriented text interface to a debugger that is used to integrate debuggers into IDEs and other tools.
  • Driver Backport - Creates distribution-independent means to create, distribute, maintain and support backports of current upstream drivers on the older kernels of Linux distributions. The goal is to make Linux distributions run easily on anything that can run Linux at the day it comes to market.
  • FOSSBazaar - An open source community web site filled with governance best practices, automation tools, and open communication to accelerate adoption of free and open source software in the enterprise.
  • Green Linux is improving power management in Linux (server, desktop, mobile).
  • Moblin - is an open source project that supports Linux-based software platforms and is optimized for the next generation of mobile devices including netbooks, mobile Internet devices (MIDs), in-vehicle infotainment systems, and other embedded devices.
  • Printing - A set of standards that address the needs of desktop to enterprise-ready printing, including management, reliability, security, scalability, printer feature access and network accessibility and the printer compatibility database and end user services from the former
  • Virtualization - Documents current trends and thinking along the development and uses of virtualization.