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Installing the Binary lsb-test-vsw4

lsb-test-vsw4 uses the X Virtual Frame Buffer server. This allows the tests to use a display in memory rather than a physical display. You will need to ensure you install the appropriate package, xorg-x11-Xvfb on some distributions.

lsb-test-vsw4 installs into /opt/lsb/test/vsw4

You should run the test suite as the root user, by simply executing

# cd /opt/lsb/test/vsw4 && ./run_vsw4.sh

The test takes about 40 minutes to run on a 700mhz Pentium 4.

Release Candidate for LSB 3.0

The release candidates for LSB3.0 are now available at:


These include some new testcases added for EVI and DPMS.

Pilot Program for lsb-test-vsw4

See also TestPilot2 for the overall LSB 2.0 testing pilot program.

binary rpms are available at: ftp://ftp.freestandards.org/pub/lsb/test_suites/beta/binary/runtime


Mandrake 10.2 ia32 XFree based system sees one failure not in the 128 bit math items noted below:

/tset/CH07/addtsvst/Test 5 FAIL

This error did not recur during subsequent runs.

Mandrake 10.2 ia32 X.org based system sees no additional failures after getting the display set right. Comment:

Fixing XT_DISPLAYHOST and re-running drops those failures.
rpm -Uvh
but does not remove the
file, so the initial interview doesn't take place.
should probably be tagged as
or else remove the
file at upgrade.

This issue is filed as bug #590 (http://bugs.linuxbase.org/show_bug.cgi?id=590)


In the latest version, Kelly's patch has been applied to address 64-bit problems. Additionally, updates have been applied to: disable render, update pcf font files, and fix the time misusage in some test cases.

/tset/CH02/opndsply/Test 3 FAIL
/tset/CH02/opndsply/Test 4 FAIL

Failed on PPC64 and IA-32 on RHEL3 update 2 and on PPC64 on SLES 9 Beta 4. For these:

Would you please check the config file
? It should be set correctly or you can set it to localhost (Hong Bo Peng)

Permanent waivers. These require 128bit math to get the expected result.

/tset/CH06/drwarc/Test 42 FAIL
/tset/CH06/drwarc/Test 63 FAIL
/tset/CH06/drwarc/Test 66 FAIL
/tset/CH06/drwarc/Test 73 FAIL
/tset/CH06/drwarcs/Test 45 FAIL
/tset/CH06/drwarcs/Test 66 FAIL
/tset/CH06/drwarcs/Test 69 FAIL
/tset/CH06/drwarcs/Test 76 FAIL

This one is not an expected failure

/tset/XOPEN/strtkysym/Test 7 FAIL

Failed on PPC64 and IA-32 on RHEL3 u2, Mandrake Linux Cooker 10.1 using x11-org, and on PPC64 on SLES 9 Beta 4.

Patch from Xorg's bugzilla at http://freedesktop.org/bugzilla/attachment.cgi?id=312, applies cleanly to Xorg-6.7.0 and XFree-4.3. Test passes on both platforms (Mandrake 10.1 Cooker, Mandrake 10.0-stable branch) with patch applied.

/tset/CH03/stwdwbgpxm/Test 7 UNRESOLVED

Failed on IA-32 on RHEL3 u2.