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lsb-test-vsw4 Source Build Instructions

This document has instructions on how to build the source for the lsb-test-vsw4. (written based on a build on a Mandriva system, some variations expected on different distros)


  • bzr is installed, 0.13 or better
  • build tools are installed (make, pmake, gcc, X devel libraries/headers)
  • lsb dynamic linker is in place (/%_lib/ld-lsb-%_arch.so.3)
  • rpm-build is installed
  • TET environment variables are set (in ~/.bash_profile or similar):
export TET_ROOT=/opt/lsb-tet3-lite
export PATH=$PATH:$TET_ROOT/bin
export PYTHONPATH=$TET_ROOT/lib/python
  • my 'pwd' is ~/LSB-work/doc-test
  • all build work is done as a "normal" user, not root
  • Distribution pre-requisites for running LSB tests are installed (package lsb-test on Mandriva)

Building Steps

Checkout a branch from Bazaar-NG

An initial branch will take some minutes to complete:

bzr branch http://bzr.freestandards.org/lsb/3.1/vsw4-test vsw4-test

or if you have an existing branch:

cd vsw4-test
bzr pull

Build the tarball

The Makefile accepts the environment variable BZRTREES to pull from your local branch to build the tarball, rather than the remote branch.

cd vsw4-test/scripts/package
BZRTREES=/home/stew/LSB-work/doc-test make tarball

You should find something like this at the end of the build:


Build the rpm packages

make rpm_package

You should find something like this at the end of the build:


The tarball and package steps could of course be combined with a plain "make". I only broke them up for ease of troubleshooting.

BZTREES=/home/stew/LSB-work/doc-test make

Install and test the binary package

This is covered in more detail in Executing the lsb-vsw4 Test Suite, but you can quickly test your package with (urpmi is Mandriva specific, use whatever package manager your distro provides). The test run will take some minutes to complete.

sudo urpmi lsb-test-vsw4-3.1.1-1.x86_64.rpm
su -
cd /opt/lsb/test/vsw4; ./run_vsw4.sh

Typical results:

tjreport /opt/lsb/test/vsw4/xtest/results/0027e/journal 

Test was run: 20061228 13:37:39 
Total Tests Passed: 3928
Total Tests Failed (including waived): 0
Total Tests Failed (excluding waived): 0

Troubleshooting Build Problems

If you find issues in following the above procedure, please feel free to fix it or add notes in this area.