Technical Advisory Board Charter

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1. The primary purpose of The Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board (TAB) is to advise The Linux Foundation Board of Directors (Board) and the management of The Linux Foundation (Management) on matters related to supporting the technical agenda of The Linux Foundation. The following main areas are included in this charter:

  a. Oversee specific programmes which are identified by mutual
     agreement between the Board, the Management and the TAB.
  b. Provide a formal, twice yearly report to the Board on the status
     of and progress made in all areas under the purview of the TAB.
  c. Promote and Support the programmes with which the TAB is charged
     to the wider Linux and Open Source Communities. 

2. Meetings and Membership.

  a. The TAB consists of ten voting members.
  b. All members shall be elected by a vote amongst all invitees of
     the Linux Kernel Summit.
  c. Self nominations for the election shall be accepted from any
     person, via email to the TAB mailing list <>,
     up until the time of the election.
  d. Membership of the TAB shall be for a term of 2 years with
     staggered 1-year elections.
  e. The TAB shall elect a Chair and Vice-Chair of the TAB from
     amongst their members to serve a renewable 1 year term.
  f. The Chair shall be Nominated for a Voting position on the Board
     with the Vice-Chair serving as his Observer.
  g. The Chair or Vice-Chair shall prepare an agenda for and preside
     over monthly meetings of the TAB.
  h. A member of the TAB may be removed by a resolution of the TAB
     supported by more than two thirds of its voting membership.
  i. The TAB may fill any vacancy arising by removal or resignation
     by a simple majority vote to fill the remainder of the term of
     the vacating member.
  j. The rules of election and membership outlined in this section
     may be varied by a resolution of the TAB supported by more than
     two thirds of its voting membership.

3. Operation

  a. The TAB is authorized to seek advice and counsel from other
     interested parties and invited experts as appropriate.
  b. Any outside party wishing to bring an issue before the TAB may
     do so by emailing the TAB mailing list <>.
  c. The TAB shall provide transparent and timely reporting (through
     any mechanism it deems appropriate) to the Community at large on
     all of its activities subject to the right of any individual to
     designate their comments and the ensuing discussion as "in
     confidence" in which case the public report shall contain only a
     note of the request and an agreed summary (if any) of the
  d. The TAB is being formed at the discretion of the Board. The
     Board alone may decide to terminate the TAB in its sole
     discretion; provided however, that the Board or its authorized
     officer shall first consult the TAB Chair.
  e. As an entity under the auspices of The Linux Foundation, the TAB and its members
     shall abide by The Linux Foundation's policies applicable to non-member
     participants, including the OSDL Antitrust Policy, posted on
     The Linux Foundation's website.