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The Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board

The Technical Advisory Board (TAB) provides the Linux kernel community a direct voice into The Linux Foundation’s activities and fosters bi-directional interaction with application developers, end users, and Linux companies.

Tab james bottomley.jpg
James Bottomley
Linux Foundation Board member and Linux SCSI subsystem maintainer.

Tab dave jones.jpg
Dave Jones
Fedora kernel team lead at Red Hat.

Tab kristen accardi.jpg
Kristen Carlson Accardi
Linux kernel developer at Intel and the PCI

Tab christoph lameter.jpg
Christoph Lameter
Principal Engineer for Linux Kernel Software at Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Tab jonathan corbet.jpg
Jonathan Corbet
Executive editor at, co-author of Linux Device Drivers, and Linux kernel contributor.

Tab chris mason.jpg
Chris Mason
Member of the Linux team at Oracle and project lead for the new Linux filesystem BtrFS.

Tab greg kh.jpg
Greg Kroah-Hartman
Senior engineer, SUSE Labs, and Linux USB subsystem maintainer.

Tab chris wright.jpg
Chris Wright
Senior Engineer at Red Hat and stable Linux tree maintainer.

Tab christoph hellwig.jpg
Christoph Hellwig
Software architect and developer in the storage software sector.

Tab arjan vdv.jpg
Arjan Van de Ven
Senior Staff Engineer, Software and Solutions Group, Intel.

Technical Advisory Board Activities

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