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In the article below the following statement was made.

[Linux Standard Base plans cross-format package API];; Wednesday January 17, 2007 (03:02 PM GMT) By: Bruce Byfield

"What ISVs need, Murdock suggests, "is a way to find whether the underlying platform provides all the functionality that their applications use. And they need to be able to tell the package system what they're doing."

I contend that for the "system" to be truly fixed then the 3rd party app has to not only tell the system what they are doing but also fetch/resolve any dependencies and coexist with or update the system's existing libraries/packages as necessary. If the distribution doesn't provide the latest dependency binaries in its repository but the project does then you need an option to use what is availble.

At no time during a binary installation should a user have to fetch other packages or issue the install command to anything other than the package they initially wanted to install. And most definitely shouldn't have to do anything in a terminal window such as editing repository files or things like

rpm -qal | grep <find lib name cause damn version I have is wreaking havoc with install>