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Discussion for the LSB F2F meeting in November 2007 goes below. Don't forget to sign your comments, either manually or with the four tilde code! Jeff Licquia 13:51, 19 September 2007 (PDT)


The dates for the LSB F2F meeting are November 07 through November 09.


We need to pick up the discussion from Berlin as we briefly touched on this in Mountain View. I think this needs some priority and resources. (Robert)

We have 45 minutes on day 2 for this; unfortunately, we won't have much to report for LSB 3.2. This could easily bleed over into day 3. Jeff Licquia

Tools for application testing

I will try to give ATK a spin prior to the meeting. ISP RAS should present an example, picking any OSS application. The presentation can then be used as a stepping stone for a HOW TO. (Robert)

Tools for building

Someone ought to gather all the data for all the options we have to build applications and how these options are supposed to work. We can then discuss pros and cons and use the presentation as a stepping stone for a HOW TO. (Robert)

Test environments for applications

Give a presentation on how applications should test (functional testing) their applications after passing appchk. (Robert)


Progress on LSB compliant JRE, hopefully Konstantin can attend. (Robert)

Konstantin is probably out, given his current status. But there are other encouraging developments, such as IcedTea. This will probably be a day two thing, with possibly some spillover into day three. Jeff Licquia

Interpreted languages

Current state of Perl and Python, what are the next steps. Do we try and attempt to standardize Python's byte code version to support the distribution of pyc files? What about the C API? (Robert)

We should cover this on both days 1 and 2, with current status on day 1 and a discussion about future status on day 2. We've got half an hour on day 1 scheduled, and an hour on day 2. Is that enough time? Jeff Licquia

C++, gcc, and glibc

I think we should discuss the planed direction for 4.0, i.e. versions, and then publish this information as soon as possible. (Robert)


Need to hammer out the details of "Trial Use Standard" if this is not done by the time the f2f rolls around. We also should come up with a policy statement w.r.t. upgrades such a Qt 4 where we are leaving some important distributions behind. (Robert)

We've got a half-hour blocked out; is that enough time? The hope is that there isn't much to discuss, and that it can be rubber-stamped at the meeting. Also, can I assume you'll be involved in the discussion, so I can put you on the hook for that time? Jeff Licquia

Certification help campaign

Once the tools are ready for general consumption should we offer (maybe under NDA if necessary) some kind of program/option to help ISVs get certified? (Robert)

LF efforts

Can we get someone to report on LF efforts in other areas to support the LSB? I am thinking of investments into Eclipse, what about the collection of documentation we have discussed previously? (Robert)