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GJR's Change Log for Accessibility/Handlers


  1. added Expert Handlers References Index to Project Resources section


  1. should we really be pointing visitors (especially first time visitors) away from our site by linking directly to the cited specialized markup languages; it is with this concern in mind, as well as in the interest of collecting as much information as possible to assist us in our work, i created a Specialized Knowledge Domain Markup Languages page which could be linked-to from the Mission Statement, although i did notice that we're no longer using the phrase "specialized knowledge domains", so let me know what the proper terminology is...


  1. replaced "proposed mission statement" with finalized Draft 5
  2. flipped table on SIG's Meeting Page
  3. set up templates for Expert Handlers Agenda and Minutes
  4. finished compilation of minutes from the 17 September 2007 Expert Handlers Call


Gregory J. Rosmaita

  1. restored formatting;
  2. added links to HTML and MathML from within draft;
Janina Sajka
  1. placed prose for Mission Statement, draft 2 into Handlers' main page