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During the January 2005 meeting of the Austin Group (the group responsible for the maintenance and development of the POSIX family of standards), the document ([1]) describing differences between the LSB and POSIX was reviewed. Also note this report will be updated when LSB 2.1 is released, as it has already addressed some of the items in the report.

The following is extracted from the minutes of that meeting:

POSIX LSB Differences

ACTION AI-2005-01-09: Andrew Josey & Mats Wichmann to propose a time and place for a joint Austin group/LSB Workgroup meeting, to be held as soon as conveniently possible.

The group worked through the draft TR on differences (see Austin/236) and categorized the issues as follows:

  1. Errno differences
These include ENXIO v ENODEV, ENOTSUP v EOPNOTSUP, EIDSIR v EPERM. Although these each have different potential resolutions, they should all be dealt with at a joint meeting.
2. Substantial Interface differences
Includes fcntl, kill and strerror_r. To be handled by a joint meeting. Both specs could change to accomodate diffs. LSB could have a new invented function to provide POSIX behavior, and use the right one if POSIX_C_SOURCE or _XOPEN_SOURCE is defined.
3. POSIX Interpretation
Interp request filed against POSIX, POSIX likely to change to accomodate LSB (strptime).
4. LSB Extensions
These are not conflicts, although listed as such. Includes waitpid, ioctl, bc, ipcrm and od.
5. LSB Issues
Some things just need more investigation (they may not really be conflicts): opterr, optind, and optopt. Others need investigation to figure out what to do, but both standards might be able to accomodate changes to support the other (at -r/-d). Other changes are in conflict, and should be investigated by LSB for further resolution. These include at, batch, crontab, df, chgrp, chown, cut, echo, renice, more, newgrp, xargs, file, fuser, ipcs, ls.
6. Internationalization
awk, find, grep, sed. Need LSB to address these. Geoff Clare reported that there are additional conflicts for the find utility that are not in the TR. He will email details to Nick Stoughton.

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