Minutes September 29 2010

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Stew Benedict (LF), Jeff Licquia (LF), Mats Wichmann (Intel), Jiri Dluhos (Novell), Alan Clark (Novell), Russ Herrold (Owl River)


  • LSB 4.1 status


Jeff: LSB 4.1, freeze is to happen in 2 days (Oct 1)
Jeff: Before I get into that I'd like to talk a little about a recent change that will affect what we're doing with LSB
Jeff: With the ongoing economy issues and budget cuts, with LF being no exception, the budget allocation for ISP/RAS has been cut to zero as of this Friday
Jeff: They have said they'll be somewhat available for questions, but will probably be focused on other projects
Jeff: This may impact some of our 4.1 work. My work for this week has been re-arranged with ensuring that we have a handle on all the work that ISP/RAS formally did
Jeff: Therefore I'm proposing we delay the freeze for a week
Alan: So LF owns all the code etc?
Jeff: Yes, I've been going down the list making sure we have all the code and we have access to everything we need to have access to.
Jeff: Any other questions on ISP/RAS?
Jeff: I've been playing with the database and re-aquainting myself with it as it's been a while for me and things have changed a bit.
Jeff: I'm proposing to move the freeze date to Wed, Oct 6. Any objections?
Jeff: Looking at the release tracker, it looks like we're not that far off
Jeff: Status - symbols - still missing ptrace, sysinfo, backtrace and friends and ptrace_register stuff
Jeff: So for non-ALSA, non-CUPS symbols, we have like 5 symbols we haven't yet added
Jeff: So we'll need to develop the SQL to add them to the database (something Denis @ISP/RAS was doing for us)
Jeff: Moving on, we have ALSA work. Still a couple of things to think about there. Do have some progress with alsa-t2c showing up in dist-checker
Stew: Yes, 4.1-beta is now showing up in dist-checker, as well as alsa-t2c and xml2-azov. 2 of 2 runs all pass alsa-t2c, but both are vm's with the same virtual sound card
Jeff: Would be interesting to see results on various systems with real hardware and no sound hardware
Jeff: Anything else on ALSA?
Jeff: Moving on - infrastructure. Apart from some very strange behavior earlier in the week, I think I have all the buildbot issues resolved. Russ's suggestions made me think about the problem a little differently
Jeff: Now we're at the point that we can add version control triggers
Jeff: Any questions?
Russ: Is this committed to version control?
Jeff: Yes
Jeff: CUPS interfaces. There are a few in the list that weren't added in April.