Minutes September 1 2010

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Jeff Licquia (LF), Mats Wichmann (Intel), Kay Tate (Novell), Alan Clark (Novell), Robert Schweikert (Novell), Jiri Dluhos (Novell), Russ Herrold (Owl River), Stew Benedict (LF)


  • Java


first part of minutes missing, secretary was driving

Jeff: Question I'm trying to ask is does dropping Java as a trial use module in 4.1 send the wrong kind of message to those following our work?
Robert: It's a messaging problem, if we make it clear why we drop it, it's not a problem.
Russ: Adopt the language the RFCs use. Set it aside until the air clears.
Kay: Last statistics we had, about 2/3 of the ISVs we worked with had some Java in their products. If our target drops to only 1/3 of the ISVs, should we just give up on application certification?
Robert: But we are trying to address the Java problem, it's just not an easy blocker to resolve
Jeff: Given the presence of a fork of OpenJDK that is LSB compliant, do we open ourselves to any issues in distributing this? Sun's stance was that as long as you are compliant to the test, they're OK with it. LF could get the fork certified.
Jeff: It may take years for the LSB patches to make it's way into upstream, like OpenOffice.
Alan: I'm aware of the OpenOffice situation, I think this is different. Have we tried pushing upstream?
Jeff: Hasn't been as much effort there as we could have.
Alan: So we need to get going pushing the patches and take things from there.
Jeff: We do need to discuss these things so that our messaging is clear.
Robert: Message is clear, we hold off on adding Java as a trial use module until the air clears, and we move ahead on getting patches to openjdk accepted upstream.
Jeff: Wasn't able to reach Dalibor, from Sun, who we worked with before. I should draw up our thoughts on Java and post something to lsb-discuss and give Oracle a chance to respond.
Russ: I don't think a message on a mailing list will get the response you want. Perhaps push harder to contact people at Oracle.
Jeff: OK, I'll try that
Robert: I have a guy on my team that works with the Java folks, I'll see what I can do from my end.
Alan: We also have Oracle on the board, could be a conversation between Jim and Wim
Jeff: Top of the hour, enaything else?
Kay: Status with RHEL6 vs LSB?
Jeff: They've indicated they are interested in certifying but I believe there are some open issues/regressions
Stew: I have a RHEL6 kvm I'm testing, but it's not getting updates. Issue with redhat-lsb, they way they've split things there's not overall "lsb" dependency that pulls in all the pieces. Opened a bug and they don't seem to want to change it.
Russ: Can you cc me on RH communications? I may be able to help things along.
Stew: sure

End Of Call